Step 1

We determine with you the listing "brand" and point of difference (POD) from other listings.

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Step 2

We determine the target buyer market & lifestyle appeal in Asia, California and Las Vegas.

ceo club for 8 steps

Step 3

We develop multilingual copy for video, print, and social media.


Step 4

We record & edit cinematic videos and HDR photos, and produce all materials.

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Step 5

We design and launch custom websites with 3D virtual tours, SEO, agent branding, and cinematic videos.

3d v model dollhouse

Step 6

We place videos on Asian, Califonia and Las Vegas social media.

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Step 7

We work with your title company and you to develop targeted and segmented databases.

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Step 8

We print/distribute the DREAMS Magazine and direct marketing in Asia, California and Las Vegas.

dreams mags